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Friern Barnet Photo Archive

Station Road and Alexandra Road, New Southgate
The Friern Barnet Photo Archive
Station Road and Alexandra Road, New Southgate

These shops had already been vacated, and were shortly demolished.
Picture added on 05 February 2010 at 21:06
I lived at no 22 Alexandra Road until we were moved out in 1970
Added by Judith Cooper (nee Davies) on 15 January 2015
During the late 60's the only residents were at the bottom end just before it met with High Road. Extremely run down, the empty houses and shops were a playground during summers. One small family had a flat above the closed print shop seen here briefly. Downstairs all sorts of trinkets for penny vending machines were scattered inside which seemed like finding treasure at the time.
Added by Lincoln Tomlin on 09 September 2015
do you know the Hunts that lived at Stubbs which is my mum and do you remember the Gilbert's that Eden's the green grocers that's my dad my mum says your name rings a bell
Added by Kirsty Gilbert on 14 September 2015
Hello there. Unless my memory is failing, quite possible, their son was named Gary. We used to like playing Subutteo above the shop using teams we bought from next door. The name Hazel, my mum, may ring a bell. We lived opposite the off-licence at the bottom of Station Road.
Added by Lincoln Tomlin on 17 September 2015
Yes that's right Gary is my mum's brother my mum dose you.
Anonymous comment added on 18 September 2015
Gary Hunt lived at Stubbs. I did a paper round for 3 years from this shop, 1968-1970 run by Fred and Helen. There were several junk shops in the High Road, with their open back trucks spilling out old furniture, etc. Anyone who lived in this area will remember this. We lived in Upper Park Road, now almost gone apart from Cedar Court, now rather a run-down row of terraced flats.
Added by Tony Westrope on 21 September 2015
I remember the Edens Bob and Doll lived at 44 Station Rd. They had two daughters. One lived in Alexander Rd. The other one was a GI BRIDE and moved to The USA. The daughter who lived in Alexander Rd had two Children, Peter and Lisa.
Anonymous comment added on 28 January 2017
This is a rare picture, are there any more of this area? I remember a friend of mine lived in this road, Roman Hoffman. Gary Hunt who's folks ran Stubbs the Newsagents now lives in Southgate. He had a sister name Pauline a bit older than him. This whole area has been 'redeveloped'. The tower block, Curtis House, was demolished last year to make way for another block! Garfield School has been rebuilt in Upper Park Road/Springfield Road. Some of the original houses remain in Springfield,along with the Postmans' Sorting/Delivery Office. I have some old photos on film that I will try to scan and download onto this site for anyone who wants their memories jogged.
Added by Tony Westrope on 30 January 2017
Yes Tony, there are lots more photos of New Southgate. Click on 'Albums' then on 'Streets New Southgate' or 'Shops New Southgate' or 'Local Adverts New Southgate'
Added by David Berguer, Chairman on 30 January 2017
This shop on the corner of Alexander Rd was as long as I can remember was a bakery. Not sure about the next shop up. But the next was Tunewell Transformers well some of my family worked. Then these premises closed down TT moved to the Industrial Estate adjacent to Lower Park Re.
Added by Rob Harris on 31 January 2017
I lived at the other end of Alexander Road on the corner of the High Road above Simpkins Furniture Shop. I remember the bakery at the other end of Alexander Road and I remember the Gilberts and their children Peter and Lisa who lived in Alexander Road. We left New Southgate in 1965 to go to Australia.
Added by Janet Sarquis (Pendrigh) on 28 December 2018
I know the Gilberts and the Edens. We lived next to Bob & Doll Eden in Station Rd. I often wondered what happened to Peter and Lisa?
Added by Rob Harris on 30 December 2018
I lived in Lee Street and was friends with Ruth Hoffmann
Added by Deborah satchell on 14 January 2019
Deborah Satchell, did you have a sister?
Added by Rob Harris on 14 January 2019
Yes lynn
Added by Deborah satchell on 15 January 2019
Was one of the Gilbert's called Peter?
Added by Deborah satchell on 11 February 2019
Hi, Yes there was Peter Gilbert. The junk shop that did house clearances was run by Dolly Turner and her husband. Their son Brian was a postman. Also in Springfield Road lived the Brown family, I know Robert now he runs a gardening business. The great ou shop on the High Road was always packed to the rafters with boxes of toys, they also supplied fishing gear including pots of maggots! Above the shop lived the Moody family Paul,Gordon, Laurence and Laura. Their dad was a bus driver.
Added by Tony Westrope on 17 February 2019
Peter Gilbert works or worked as a maintenance man for several Eatate Agents in the area. The Toy shop in the High Road was run by two elderly ladies whose names I've forgotten!
Added by Tony Westrope on 17 February 2019
I don't know about two elderly ladies but one was known as Miss Douglas. Thats if you mean the shop that also charged radio batteries plus many other strange items. LOL.
Added by Rob Harris on 18 February 2019
Just jogged a memory - we lived next door to the Hoffman family. I also remember Peter Gilbert and John Stone
Added by Sue Wilson Nee Davies on 10 April 2020
I also was friends with Ruth Hoffman. And knew Peter Gilbert and John Stone
Added by Deborah wellington nee satchell on 10 April 2020
John Stone is still with us and now lives in Bognor. His Brother Derek passed away 3 years ago. I am sure Brian is still around. Good luck and stay safe
Added by Jim on 11 April 2020
Does anybody remember the Launderette in the High Rd and the lady who worked there. That lady was Mum
Added by Rob Harris on 12 April 2020
Hi Rob. Yes I remember the launderette! My mum used to go there. And the Wool Shop, started by a couple who had won the Pools. Other local people I remember were the Shipwrights from Springfield Road, the Tates, Joy Henderson, Robin Hall, Steve Sheehan, and Stephen Train whose Dad was a policeman. Roman Hoffman was a friend of mine and he lived in Alexandra Road I think. Sue Cahill lived in Upoer Park Road.
Added by Tony Westrope on 12 April 2020
Do you remember me and my sister. Lynn and Deborah Satchell from Lee Street. Went to Garfield Road school
Added by Deborah wellington nee satchell on 12 April 2020
Deborah yes I remember you we have already spoken with each other previously. I think we mentioned that your mum would have known my mum.
Added by Rob Harris on 13 April 2020
Hi Rob do you remember Dilys Peacock, Christine Eaton (we lived next door to the Eatons) Linda Tombs,bSusan Hembrow and myself. We were all in the same class with you at Garfield Road school.
Added by Judith Cooper nee Davies. on 13 April 2020
Yes I certainly do remember all those girls including your good self. How are you? You forgot Jennifer Ash, my first girl friend. What about the boys. Starting with the ones who passed the 11+. David Mooney, Gerald Blyth, Alan Charles, David Reynolds (2 of them) Hugh O'Reilly, Ernie Jeffries, Mick Malone and others who I can't remember. Linda Tombs and I grew up together. Her Mother was my mum's maid of honour.
Added by Rob Harris on 13 April 2020
I remember most of these people too
Added by Deborah wellington nee satchell on 14 April 2020
I can remember Alan Charles who live in Cedar Court, with his brother Ian. And Gillian Haine who lived in Upper Park Road. What about David Hawkesworrh from Limes Avenue ?mI was only at Garfield for 3 years when my Mum got me into Bowes Road School, I was there in the 1960s, so some of these girls' names are not familiar. Anyone remember the special Sunday Excursions in the Summer on the train from New Southgate station to Southend ! What a treat that was !
Added by Tony Westrope on 14 April 2020
Do you remember the four Wellingtons brothers who went to Bowes Road school?
Added by Deborah wellington nee satchell on 14 April 2020
Oh yes Rob I remember all those names. Alan Charles was my first " boyfriend ". My mum and yours worked together at Tunewell transformers in Station Road. The two David Reynolds were uncle and nephew (go figure!). There was also Elaine Baker, Marshalyn Powell, Cindy Grant and Susan Hembrow. There was also Lorraine....can't remember her Surname who was always get told off for talking in class!!!
Added by Judith Cooper nee Davies. on 15 April 2020
Judith, I think her name If I remember was Lorraine Comley or something similar. I never realised that you liked Allan. Oh well If I remember although it is hard considering it was 50 odd years ago. A Kathleen Giddings. I didn't know your Mum worked at Tunewell, my Aunt also worked. I used to like Christine Eaton LO.Always frightened of Dilys Peacock as she was quite tall. By the way I am on Facebook
Added by Rob Harris on 15 April 2020
Judith Cooper, it's me again. Just a quick question. Have you come across any of the books called " Memories of New Southgate"? They were published by the same organisation that owns this page. They are very interesting?
Added by Rob Harris on 25 April 2020
Hi Bob,no I haven't but I will check that out. Yes my mum worked at the the factory in the original location then they moved down the new place which was sited around the bottom of Palmers Road. I also remember your aunt, Elsie Boucher, and your cousins Brenda and ? (sorry can't remember her sister's name).

Added by Judith Cooper nee Davies. on 30 April 2020
Hello again Judith, yes you are quite right my Aunt also worked at Tunewell Transformers. Brenda and her sister Rita are sadly no longer with us. Brenda passed away only last year where as Aunt Elsie and her other daughter passed away some time ago. Up until a few months ago a member of my family still worked for Tunewell. But the whole business as long gone. I am not sure how to you can contact me outside of this method but I am on Facebook.

Added by Rob Harris on 30 April 2020
I have just been looking at a Victorian map of New Southgate. I noticed that what we knew as High Rd was in those days was called Betstyle Rd. I wonder when the name was changed and why.
Added by Rob Harris on 08 May 2020
Hi Rob, the roundabout at the top of the High Road, linking Bowes Road, Waterfall Road, Oakleigh Road was originally named Betstyle Circus.
Added by Tony Westrope on 08 May 2020
In my time in New Southgate it was called Lander's Corner after the Monumental Stonemasons who were located there.
Added by Rob Harris on 09 May 2020
my uncle Phil and auntie Phyllis (Davies) used to run Parkhouse stores, they lived above the shop with my cousins Brenda, Brian and Ann. Mr Landers the stonemason owned the business.
Added by Judith Cooper nee Davies. on 14 May 2020
Judith Cooper, I never knew Parkhouse Stores was owned by Mr Lander. Went in there occasionally to by bird seed I think.
Added by Rob Harris on 19 May 2020
Hi Bob. I've just remembered some more names! Terry Vilandi, Tony Deering and little Alan Smith who lived in Oakleigh Road.

Added by Judith Cooper nee Davies. on 21 May 2020
Hi Judith. I remember the name Tony Deering. And Re Rob's Betstyle Circus query, the roundabout is still called that in all the map books.
Added by Tony Westrope on 21 May 2020
Hello Judith, again. I certainly remember Alan Smith, Tony Deering but not Terry Vilandi. I wonder if I knew him under another name.
Added by Rob Harris on 21 May 2020
Hi Judith I remember Tony Deering and Terry Vilandi and David Deering
Added by Deborah wellington nee satchell on 21 May 2020
We used to go in Parkhouse stores to buy budgie food. And Betstyle Road is the one up from Brookdale and Ravenscraig. I remember you Tony, from Garfield and Southgate school. I started in Garfield Nursery 1957 as my Mum managed Tip Top, the dry cleaners in Arnos Grove. There I met Beverley Anderson and later her cousin Janice Iveson, who I'm still in touch with. Sadly Bev passed away in 1995. I'm also in touch with Yvonne Harverson who now lives in the US.
Added by Joy Henderson on 23 July 2020
Hi Joy I went to school with Sheila Iveson - is she still around? The others I remember Sheila Blake, Wendy Green, Jackie Hawks, Gillian Browne. Anyone rember them?
Added by Sue Wilson on 06 August 2020
Hello Sue. Yes, Sheila is, and lives in East Barnet. Joy
Added by Joy Henderson on 07 August 2020
Hello Joy! Good to hear you are ok. Met you about 20 years ago in Fox Lane, Palmers Green but not bumped into you since. Have you seen the new flats built in Palmers Road/ Station Road. Unbelievably they've put a Hotel there too. Lovely view of the gasworks! I hear it is also due for demolition. I have some more photos to add when the PCs in the libraries are open. Sorry to hear Beverley has passed away. Remember Arif Rustem from Southgate School? I see him in Asda sometimes and chat. Take care!
Added by Tony Westrope on 07 August 2020
Hi Tony! Hope you are ok too. Yes, I remember spotting you in Fox Lane! Funny thing, I was flicking through facebook today as usual and an old advert came up on the videos - I was sure it was you so replayed, and yes! Carling Black Label 1980! Also, yes, I have seen that hotel building, but from within the old gaswork site about two years ago. I couldn't believe it either! Who'd want to stay there ?! Yes I loved Arif such a lovely person; I remember sitting on his lap one christmas in the Green Man Muswell Hill, 1972? Remember me to him please.

Added by Joy Henderson on 08 August 2020
Previous comment doesn't sound quite right! How's life with you Tony? I still remember the blackboard incident with Mr Rolfe - haha!
Added by Joy on 08 August 2020
Hi I’m Terry Westgate. I started work at Demscoprint, September 1966, 15 year old. Mrs Lowre was the boss. The bakers next door baked every day. You could not smell bread after a while you got so used to it. The printers had large rats as I expect the bakers did too. Terrible times, very bad working conditions but I didn’t know any better then.
Added by Terence Westgate on 17 January 2021
I lived at 9 Upper Park Road until we were moved to flats in Tottenhall Road Palmers Green in 1961. I went to Garfield and knew Brenda Langham, Pamela Ascough, Diana Lloyd, Margaret Hembrow and Nuala Clark & many more.i used to get mums bread from Mr Sidall the grocer nr Plants the hairdressers. Also remember Cobbs the shoe repairer and the fish and chip shop.
Added by Valerie Drake on 24 July 2021
I used to play with a Ruth Hoffman and her brother who lived in Alexander rd. I remember watching Popeye cartoons at their house!
Added by Peter Willmott on 18 September 2021
I lived above Akers the bakers and went to Garfield Road school from around 1957 to 1960. My father took me into the bakery to light the ovens for the baker before he started work. I was given a cream donut as I passed through the shop on my way home from school! I remember the toy shop on the High Street and trolleybuses losing their arms as they negotiated the bend on Station Road. We could see Alexandra Palace from our living room window
Added by Peter Willmott on 19 September 2021
Hi Peter, I used to play with Roman Hoffman, but I am younger than you. Anyone remember the Hawksworths who lived in Limes Avenue, David and Andrew? Graham Hussey who lived in Cedar Court with his Mum. I see Brian Turner whose folks owned the junk shop in High Road opposite Upper Park Road. Their shop was rammed with furniture as I recall, with a passage cleared to get to the back of the premises. Brian worked for the Post Office and was rehoused by the council just up the road to a house on the new build estate.The toy shop was always a big attraction to all the local kids. They used to sell fishing gear and maggots, which were kept in tall biscuit tins at the back of the shop, I was friends with the Moody family who lived above the shop.
Paul,Gordon,Laura and Laurence the eldest.
Happy Days! Where are they now? Provably still living locally.
Added by Tony Westrope on 21 September 2021
Does anyone know of Kevin McColough who used to go to Garfield Road school?
Added by Peter Willmott on 21 September 2021
I remember the fishing shop. Miss Douglas I think. We used to get our radio battery exchanged in there
Added by Rob Harris on 24 September 2021
Hi Tony, I met David Hawksworth about 15 years ago. He had a garden landscape business and lived in East Barnet, I think
Added by Joy Henderson on 24 September 2021
I remember the name Kevin McColough but that's about it. I haven't seen anybody who was at Garfield at the same time as me for goodness knows how many years
Added by Rob Harris on 24 September 2021
I remember Graham Hussey. Does anybody remember the Martins, I think there was twin girls. Or Valerie Smith?
Added by Deborah Wellington on 24 September 2021
I remember the name Steven Higgins, does anyone else?
Added by Peter Willmott on 28 September 2021
Yes i do
Added by Deborah Wellington on 29 September 2021
Hi Deborah, Steven was in my class at Garfield Road school as was Kevin McColough. I don’t remember my teachers' names unfortunately. If anyone remembers me and can expand on any details of my class I’d be grateful. A big ask I know!
Added by Peter Willmott on 29 September 2021
I left Garfield Road School July 1963. My last teacher was Mr Bone. If anybody was in that class please get in touch. I have heard from Judith Cooper (Davies)
Added by Rob Harris on 30 September 2021
In the 1970s my late mother taught at Garfield School and Mr Bone (mentioned by the previous contributor) was Headteacher
Added by David Farbey on 01 October 2021
Hi just looking up old names from Southgate as I have recently moved back to the area. I should think no one would remember me but I am in touch with Vivienne Easton and her twin sister Helen. I was friends with Jean McAlear who I think you were friends with Joy...
Added by Lynn Niehorster on 17 October 2021
Hi David. I think I went to your house in Bowes Road for tea once. Wasn't your father Mayor at some point?
Added by Tony Westrope on 19 October 2021
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