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Friern Barnet Photo Archive

Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N10
The Friern Barnet Photo Archive
Alexandra Arms, Cromwell Road, N10

Photograph is undated but is probably around 1920. Please see image number 3007 for a recent photograph
Picture added on 18 September 2009 at 15:34
This pub sadly is now closed. I remember back in the 80s when it was a genuine local. I expect like so many it's reached the end of its days. Shame.
Added by Les. on 04 October 2010
The regulars used to go on a 'charabanc' (bus) tour to an unknown destination, unknown to me an eight year old boy. My friends and siblings used to congregate outside the pub as the crates of beer were loaded into the luggage compartment at the rear. The men, already primed, would board the bus and to our great delight would throw out pennies and halfpennies, which we children would scramble to retrieve. Great times. I lived in George Crescent on the new estate. This would have been around the early 1950's
Added by Walter Brett on 23 February 2011
The names of some men in the picture - Bert Wooding (my dad) Sid Pipe , Ted Gregory.and Micky Monk
Added by John Wooding on 19 August 2012
I also remember the beanos that they went on. My dad would have bean there too. Tough not on this occasion. I remember many a happy night sitting on the step outside waiting for my dad, with an arrowroot biscuit and a glass of lemonade.
Added by Graham Dorman. on 06 November 2012
My Mum and Dad used to play piano in this pub at the weekends in the 50's and 60's .....Alf and May Gentle
Added by Keith Gentle on 04 June 2013
My Grandad was Sid Maskell. He was born 1911, so I think this must be sometime in the 1930's-40.
Added by Janet Burton (nee Langford) on 02 October 2013
I know my grandad used to go in this pub. Vic as he was known, Hetherington. My dad is Tony Hetherington. Colin and Dickie Hetherington are my dad's brothers. Does anyone remember them?
Added by Janet Morgan on 24 February 2014
Not sure but think 2nd row from top 1st on left is my mums dad Bill Joyes, and 3rd row 3rd left is my granddad Vic Hetherington.
Added by Janet Morgan on 24 February 2014
I remember your Mum and Dad playing the piano, Peter. You lived over the road to me and you knew my cousins Susan and Janis Palmer. Your brother Alfie used to play in goal for the Freehold FC with my Dad Teddy Howard.
Added by Brian Howard on 24 March 2015
I think fifth from the right middle row is my dads cousin Ernie Ford. My dad used to go on these beanos with his dad Blossom Dorman.
Added by Graham Dorman on 25 March 2015
That looks like my great grandad in the clown costume 'Jock Brown'. I didn't know him, but heard many stories growing up. He used go round to most of the pubs in the area, sometimes singing, sometimes with his one man band act, Jake the Pake, Foo man Choo, he'd even do his Popeye impersonation, (I'll try to find a picture). He used to have a walking stick he called Joey, and at the pub he would tell the audience Joey was thirsty, and would someone buy Joey the walking stick a pint? When somebody would buy Joey a lager, Jock would pour the beer down the stick's mouth, the top of the stick had a face with a hole drilled in the mouth of it... Now, supposedly, (and I don't quite believe this to be the way it worked...But) there was a hole he had drilled into the the floorboards that he would place Joey right on top of, the beer would go into the mouth of the stick, and all the way down through the floor, and into a barrel below that Jock would drink later... More likely it was just one of those canes that had a hidden flask, he probably added a little head or something, because I just heard that Joey used to wear different hats as well, a jesters hat with bells mostly... You get the picture. Anyway, that was my great grandad, Jock Brown, my nans father. Bit scary if you ask me...My nan was Lil Brown who later married my grandad Jack Fairchild, who later had my dad John, who later had me...(my mum did, not my dad)... Nadia Fairchild.
Added by Nadia Fairchild on 31 August 2015
I believe that the man in the centre dressed as a clown is my grandfather, Herbert (Bert) Malyon. My parents have a copy of this particular photo along with a picture of my grandfather standing on his own (dressed as a clown) They also recognise several other people in the photo which I will list later
Added by Leigh Feathersone (nee Malyon) on 02 September 2015
My great great grandad Dick Revell lived opp the pub, No 2 Cromwell Road. Not sure if he is in the photo but he must have been a regular. He repaired shoes. If anyone knows more about him, would love to hear sth :) I did see sth about a Dunn family knowing him and called him 'Uncle Dick'.
Added by Caroline Revell on 16 October 2019
Well Caroline Revell I'm not sure if this is your great great Grandad, but there was a cobbler's shop further along Cromwell Road, opposite the freehold estate along with a barbers shop and a greengrocers not sure if there was any other shops. I along with any mates who was with me used to call in to the cobblers shop I can still smell the lovely strong aroma of new leather), the old cobbler was an obliging old codger, probably not as old as I imagine, he'd stop working and have a chat to the lads, all very innocent and civilised. He was quite the artisan. A man of small stature with curly grey hair and a ruddy complexion.
Added by Walter Brett on 16 October 2019
My granddad Bill Baillie is 4th from the right in the back row, under the A in Arm. He was born in 1908 and this photo must be dated later than 1920 I would say late 30's at least. Bill is also in the 1959 photo no. 2178, far left in back row. Bill ran a fish stall (jellied eels etc) outside the pub in the 60's and 70's.
Added by Tony on 18 October 2019
I believe the cobbler name was George Mott. The barber’s name was Ken and there was also a bakers next door to the cobblers

Added by John on 19 October 2019
I recognise Bill Baillie he was married to my great aunt Nell Baillie. He did indeed have a fish stall outside the Alex. The man in the front row centre in the clown get up, was my great uncle Bert Maylon who also had a fish van outside the pub. I used to work for him selling the jellied eels ect. He was Bill's brother in law and married to my great aunt Sal Maylon nee Finch, sister of Nell. The greengrocer shop over the road to the pub was run by my nan Daisy Ling nee Finch. Nell and Sal were her sisters, Nell worked in the greengrocers too.

Added by Brian Howard on 19 October 2019
George Mott the cobbler sounds familiar, thank you John. I also believe Ken the barber moved into my old house in George Crescent, number 24 after my parents vacated it to move to Whetstone. I was, and still am living in Australia. Brian Howard as soon as I read the name Finch I thought of the greengrocers. The name Bluette comes to mind as the owners of the corner shop, a sort of hardware shop. My memories are a bit vague as I have been away for fifty six years, never returned. Thanks for these memories.
Added by Walter Brett on 21 October 2019
Hi Walter did you have a younger brother Michael? The baker's had a yard and stables alongside. Their name was Marsetti. We used to get hot bread at 4.30 am from the oven on the way to fishing at Grovelands in Southgate.
Added by Brian Howard on 22 October 2019
Hello Brian Howard. Michael Brett is my cousin. He had a brother, John, they lived in Roman Road. I have lost contact with them these past fifty odd years so not sure of their history. I recall the stables. Funny how a comment can conjure up memories. I am enjoying seeing these comments of old areas and the people with whom I grew up.
Added by Walter Brett on 23 October 2019
When I next see my mum who still lives on the Freehold I will ask her what others shops there were
Added by John on 24 October 2019
If you go onto our main website and click on 'Shops' then 'Cromwell Road, you will see all the shops going back to 1911
Added by David Berguer, Chairman on 27 October 2019
Caroline Revell... Your Grandad's Mum had the maiden name Dunn- She was Ellen Dunn
Added by Pauline Tierney on 10 February 2020
Hi Walter thank you letting me know Micheal Brett was your cousin, he was a friend of mine. I think we all like these old comments and pictures. I do hope you and your family are safe from the fires?
Added by Brian Howard on 12 February 2020
Brian, thank you for your well wishes, I live in Queensland and my area, Hervey Bay was not affected by the fires as was most of the Australian continent. Whilst the fires were bad we have had worse. Curious to know if you have any info re: Michael Brett or his brother John. They lived in Roman Road. I left in 1963 never to return but I do have sisters still in UK but they know not where the Brothers Brett may have ventured. Stay well, regards Walter Brett
Anonymous comment added on 15 February 2020
Hi Walter glad to hear you are clear of the fires! I think I last saw Michael in about 1966. I moved to Muswell Hill in 1971 and then onto Whetstone. Maybe they all moved away to a new town? Perhaps he moved with a job? Anyway, take care and thanks for your reply.
Added by Brian Howard on 16 February 2020
In the 1970s my dad used to drink here, he was friends with the licencees Liam and Josie Murphy who had moved up from The Alma pub in Chapel Market. Me and my sisters spent many Saturday mornings outside with a bottle of coke and a packet of Golden Wonder crisps, or playing with our friends, the children of the licencees. Happy days.
Added by Helen Paulyn on 20 January 2021
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